I have used Laurie Dau and team for selling our farm and recently our home.
We worked with Laurie and Amanda and truthfully? I will never use anyone but them.
Not only did they take the best pics to represent the staged houses but they offer suggestions and I suggest you take them.
Both homes were houses that only certain buyers would be looking at the properties so we had a small audience to attract.
Having Laurie and all her team? Both houses had offers and for our goal as what we hoped to get.
The first , our farm house and acreage and barn with outbuildings? We had a deal within 2 weeks.
The second home? A two bedroom with pool and acreage? Two offers within 6 weeks!
Laurie also shocked me with our first home by recognizing I was sad to leave it by having suggestions for us to think about selling our investment properties and buy ones that could bring more revenue in so as we could keep it. That meant so much that she wasn’t just there to sell.
Her and her team don’t just forget you once the sale is complete.. Laurie and Amanda get in touch often to thank us for our business and even ask if we need any names of painters, landscapers etc.
I personally gave Laurie’s name to 3 of my friends and Two had offers the first listing day and the other had told me that without Laurie and Amanda holding her hand and coaching her and being understanding of all the things that she sadly had to do before listing.. she said she knows her hime wouldn’t have sold.
When my own clients/acquaintances brag/ rave about the Dau team to me?it is proof that hiring them either to sell or looking for a hime? You have no worries because you made the best choice!
Sincerely, kelly Flynn-sulimay

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