Laurie Dau and team were recommended to me by a friend I have had since grade school. They helped him with finding a rental property, but I was looking to buy my first (and possible forever) home. So, they handle both.

The experience with the team was great right from the start. I worked with Zack. When I very first got started, I knew I wanted to start my search soon, but was not ready to be aggressive just yet. Zack understood and started sending me listings right away, but let me start my search at my own pace.

Zack was there to help me every step of the way to explain everything that was needed and answer my many questions. Any time I had to call, e-mail, or text him, he always got back to me very soon. Often even right away. Zack had my back the whole way, even helping me by offering his expert advice when I was on the fence about a decision or confused about how certain things work. Every time we saw a property in which I was possibly interested in bidding, he helped in walking me through all the estimated dollar figures that particular property might cost if I was the winning bid. That was hugely helpful to allow me to see the worst and best case scenarios for each property to get an idea of the possible range of all costs (the closing day costs, the monthly mortgage price, etc.).

As a side note, another thing I really appreciate… I could have easily afforded a lot more expensive properties than I was choosing to view. However, I always prefer to live cautiously and preferred to view properties that looked like I could love them, but would not be along the top end of what I could afford. To be fair, he did share with me that with my finances and credit score I could likely have afforded a lot more home… but he understood my preferences and never pressured me to search for things that cost more than I was comfortable with purchasing.

I ultimately wound up with a property I LOVE and am loving more and more day by day. I am sure any property I would have wound up with would have been great, but this place is just so perfect for me it just seems like fate that I wound up getting it. It also is in such good shape. I am sure any property is going to need SOME work. However, after a full inspection, my new place proved not to have very much in need of fixing/updating. There weren’t really any urgent repairs needed and the few things I may need to address at some point weren’t very expensive.

I could go on and on raving about my awesome experience with Laurie Dau’s team and Zack specifically. I must highly, highly recommend them to anybody looking to find a new home. Either to find a rental, to find your first home, to find you forever home, or whatever needs you may have. Great team and a great experience the whole time.

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